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Operation Tigger
Join the Waitlist for Operation Tigger - Winter Doesn't Have to Suck!!!

Hey, Friend.

As the warm summer sun shines down on us, it's hard to imagine the chilly winds and dark days of winter. 


Or, perhaps, it's easy to imagine. 

In fact, winter might feel around the corner already, and the summer has JUST begun! 


If you are sick and tired of losing yourself in the winter months, AND spend the remaining months dreading winter, read on. 


The waitlist for Operation Tigger, my once-a-year and once-of-a-kind group coaching program for folks who struggle with winter, is now OPEN. 


Get on the list to know when the program opens, AND to ensure early bird pricing. 

Operation Tigger is a five month group coaching program, combining my personal experience managing seasonal affective disorder, my coaching expertise, and the support of like minded individuals. No one in this group will ask if you have "tried taking vitamin D yet". 


You will be getting expert guidance, evidence-based strategies, personalized winterizing plan and community support.


There will also be homework (always optional!), guest speakers, brainstorm end-of-year goal setting sessions and more. 


The first signs of winter kick off a cascade of actions and thoughts, creating a downward spiral. In this program, we learn to identify and name those actions and thoughts, and change the direction of the spiral. We CAN go upward. We CAN keep bouncing through the winter. 


Give me an hour a week, and I will change your experience of winter. 


You CAN feel like yourself. 


Winter doesn't have to suck. 

You'll see. 




aka Tigger-In-Chief 

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Registration for Launch is now open.

Get on the waitlist to reserve future early access to Operation Tigger 2024 Program.

Experience the ultimate support throughout the winter with Operation Tigger, designed to help you thrive even as temperatures drop.

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