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16 Things To Be Thankful For In 2016

1. Pilot Coffee Roasters, for enabling me to form coherent sentences. Ana Sora is a recent favorite, with notes of strawberry and vanilla.

2. Homemade cinnamon buns. And the fact that we gave most of them away.

3. Gas fireplace, and cold feet.

4. Long weekends.

5. My cat’s gentle snoring. She sounds like a miniature French bulldog.

6. The other cat. Despite the fact that he is an asshole.

7. Keeping in touch with friends far away.

8. Mentors, coaches, and folks older and/or wiser.

9. Long hugs – so long that they almost seem awkward, but they are not.

10. Heated ceramic floor in the bathroom. OMG.

11. Wedding ring on my finger.

12. Gorgeous October weather in Ontario.

13. Nowhere to go today.

14. This song, on repeat. Every day, as warm-up.

15. The human brain – with all its ups and downs.

16. Loving people, and people loving me. As much as both of those can hurt. And the mess that is human relationships.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. [Yep, I said y’all. I am still reminiscing about all things Southern].

Hugs, SOLO


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