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1st Blogoversary And Nuggets Of Wisdom From My Axe

Happy 1st blogoversary to me!

On June 15th, 2012, my first blog post started with the words: “I did something crazy. I registered for the Spartan Death Race 2013”.

Here we are, 365 days later, and the Death Race is less than a week away. Last chopping and splitting practice session to celebrate!

Max [the axe] continues to teach me life lessons. Today’s nuggets of wisdom: 1. It always comes down to “knotty” or “nice”. In this case, I prefer nice. 2. It’s only physical for the first hour. Then the mental games begin. 3. Brute force is not always the answer. 4. Finding balance is the hardest part. 5. A log is a log is a log. It’s not trying to piss you off. Promise. Just keep swinging.

It took about an hour of chopping to start feeling the first hot spots. I taped them up, and it definitely helped.

Let me show you what frustration looks like:

All done! [Axe included for size reference!]

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… packing is in full swing.

Salomon SpeedCross 3

Wet wipes, bug spray, Gold Bond powder, sunscreen, caffeine pills, hand sanitizer, athletic tape, extra batteries.

Some “real” food:

And, you seriously have to watch this Fiskars video. It’s like Tough Mudder promo meets a BMW commercial. Signing off, Solo


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