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2017 Preview - CLARITY

The word for 2017 is CLARITY.

Clarity refers to coherence, intelligibility, sharpness of image or sound. I want to notice all things and behaviours compulsive and tackle those. Social media, snacking, red wine, eating out. Distracted internet browsing. Starting a new book without finishing the one before. Speaking of finishing... I want to finish more things this year. I want to travel with Italian. Enjoy what my body can do. Improve my relationship with my mother. See something old in a new light. I want to write a book. Take control of my own narrative, but also give up control strategically. Know that if I show up and put in the work, the big picture will emerge. Remember that I do not have to know everything right now. Remember that I do not have to do everything myself. Trust the universe a little bit more.


Less bullshit. Simplify. Destroy the perfect. Bring on the intensity.

Find angles that work. Bleed, but intentionally. Play on the edge. Make stuff.

Create every day. Continue having difficult conversations. Protect yourself and ones you love. Channel creative energy where it can bloom.

Hugs, SOLO



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