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35 Things To Be Thankful For In 2018

I wrote a list of things to be grateful for around this time in 2012. How many things? It was twenty nine at the time – one thing for each year I was alive.

This year, I am picking up the tradition with six more things to come up with.

1. a fulfilling job with no commute and flexible schedule (and maternity leave!) 2. tools that make my work easier and allow me to connect with people all over the world 3. a supportive husband 4. single origin coffee and cheap Ikea French press 5. two fat cats 6. my mom and my dad 7. my baby brother who saves trees as a forest firefighter 8. my three living grandparents 9. the opportunity to know and remember three of my great grandparents 10. a cozy house with lots of light 11. a cooler weather which provides a break from the heat wave 12. a round belly and baby kicks 13. a body that is working for two 14. little town living when you run into people you know in a grocery store 15. friend visits, and Greek chocolate 16. peanut butter 17. text messages asking me how I am doing 18. talented friends 19. bonfires right in my backyard 20. creative projects 21. upcoming travel 22. pre-cut vegetables and family-size hummus containers 23. hot water and lavender epsom salts 24. reading multiple books at once 25. yellow and red leaves 26. leather jackets and roomy dresses 27. long naps 28. coaches who hold me accountable 29. reliable car and manual transmission 30. snail mail letters 31. body pillow that lets me sleep (relatively) comfortably 32. green plants in my house 33. thoughtful neighbours 34. homemade cinnamon buns 35. country roads and changing seasons

I threw out an invitation to join me in my Operation Bucket List FB group, and loved reading all the things folks are grateful for this time of year. Would you join me?

Come up with as many things as how many years old you are. After all, the longer you have been around, the more you have to be grateful for, yes? And then, you’ll have a list of things to read at the Thanksgiving table.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, everyone.

Hugs, SOLO


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