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Act Your Way Into Being And The Origin Of The Word “Awesome"

Warning: This post overuses the word “awesome”.

One day you wake up, look around and realize that you are surrounded by awesome people you trust. And those people think you are awesome.

One day you believe them.

And then another day, you wake up and realize that you know you are awesome. On a deep down-to-your-bones level. And you know it worked.

You are “a real boy” now.

If you surround yourself by people who believe that you are awesome, you will start believing that you are awesome too. You start acting that way too – as if you were already awesome.

And then it happens. Imperceptibly, slowly. Little by little, you behave your way into being. You behave your way into being awesome.


Of course, there is a downside.

The takeaway message is that you can act your way into pretty much anything. Be careful how you act. It signals, hints at who you will become. What you will become.

I have a special relationship with the word “awesome”. I love that word. I overuse that word. I am that word.

It encapsulates all things positive and sunshine (I almost said awesome) without being all deep and existential.

Awesome is in the moment.

You don’t hear someone talking about having an awesome life. We refer to a GREAT life, a meaningful life.

Awesome moments, awesome days, awesome people – they all string together into a GREAT life.

Instead, we talk about an awesome restaurant, awesome movie, awesome song. The label “awesome” refers to the right here, right now. Not long, lazy strokes of time, but a moment.

AWESOME. Awe. Thunderstorm. Jungle. Dew drop. Awwww. Cute. Wonder. Puppies. Old couple kissing. We. Friends. Lovers. Family. Tribe.

The trusty Wikipedia describes “awe” as a combination of surprise and fear.

Surprise. Wow, look at this flower! Whoa, taste this strawberry! Oh, it’s you! I’m so happy to hear your voice. Raised eyebrows. Exclamation point.

Fear. I don’t know if I can do it. [LINK self doubt] Will they reject me? Again? I am scared shitless. LINK What if I fail? What if I don’t fail? What if?

Awe is “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, and fear, produced by that which is grand, sublime, and extremely powerful”.

To identify as “awesome” is a courageous act.

It takes guts. You automatically imply that you are indeed sublime and powerful beyond measure.

Wow. [Surprise].

What if? [Fear].

And then there’s that little “some” on the end of the word.


A reality check, a dose of humility. You have SOME awe, not all of it. You are a part of something greater.

YOUR TURN: Is there a word you strongly identify with?

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Hugs, SOLO


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