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Hey, Friend.

Exactly a year ago I sent out an email, talking about the things I could control and the things I could not. Could: my writing, my coaching work, bringing you Operation Tigger Could not: news, headlines, scary things happening all over the world I wasn’t really expecting that email to be relevant again - ALL. OVER. AGAIN. - exactly a year later. There are three countries in the world where I have family:

  • Canada

  • Russia

  • Israel

So here you go.

That same email.

A year later.

I finally called grandma this week. Everyone is scared. Meanwhile, I am here in Canada, reciting the Serenity prayer yet again with my very-atheist-lips, trying to focus on the things I can control and accept the things I cannot. One thing I can control is my own behavior. I almost typed “my own mental health”, but that’s not entirely within my control, obvs. Buuutttt, the behaviors, the things I do, the words I type with this very keyboard - those are within my control. Supporting others - in my personal life, in my coaching work - that’s also within my control. Supporting others is within my control. THIS I can do. THIS I know how to do. I can help you to have a winter that does NOT suck. I know that managing winter when you really struggle in the winter goes wayyy beyond “dressing for the weather” and “positive mindset”. [Tell me who the last person was who told you to have a positive mindset, so I can punch them for you.] I have been managing seasonal affective disorder for the last ten years. I have been running this group coaching program for the last three, (scratch that) FOUR years. This year I will support a group of folks like myself, as we winterize the shit out of our behaviors, habits, days, diets and workout regimes. Is this you this month? This year? If it’s not you or FOR you, I’ll be here for you in a different way, continuing to write you letters about braiding my children’s hair, and “not-reading-the-news”. Either way, I will see you IN here. In your inbox. Sending hugs.



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