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Anyone Told You To Try A Cold Bath Yet?

Hey, Friend.

Anyone told ya to try a cold bath yet? 

For.. you know…

…. everything.

Faster metabolism, smarter brain.

To cure depression, and to give you luscious long hair.

Speaking of “here’s this very specific thing that will fix your problem!”. 

Someone asked me if I have gone through a specific certification teaching me how to support people through the winter. I have not. But I have… done some things. 

The short version - I have two psychology degrees, ten years of coaching experience, 1,000+ clients AND ten years of managing my own seasonal dips under my belt.  

When I was 19, I thought I would become a psychology professor. I envisioned the life of research and college campuses, and students who never get any older. I spent my graduate degree reading everything there was to read about proactive coping and stress management. My master’s thesis focused on the benefits of expressive writing after traumatic events. 


When I was 26, I headed to Israel to complete my post-graduate certificate in trauma and resilience. 

When I was 28, I had my first awful-horrible-never-going-outside winter. 

When I was 38, I started Operation Tigger.  

I definitely did NOT know that there would be such a thing as a “getting-through-yet-another-winter-mostly-unscathed-even-though-it-suuuuuuucks” expert, and that it would be me.  

Not a clinician. Not a researcher. Not a well-wisher from the sidelines. Not a biohack “try-this” bro. 

But a fellow winter sufferer (direct experience - check!) and an experienced coach (relevant expertise - check!).  

If you are ready for

  1. individualized winter plan

  2. coaching 

  3. social support 

Reach out to me for more information on when Operation Tigger starts up again.



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