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Back To Winter, And Ok With It

I am back to the Great Canadian North after soaking in the sunshine in Nicaragua for three weeks. And you know what?

I am ok.

Yes, it’s -10C, and white and grey. No palm trees here. Yet, I feel like I brought a piece of sunshine with me, and I am holding on to it, damn it.

The latest issue of the Canadian Gardening arrived at our doorstep – a magazine Italian has been subscribing to for years. I grabbed the glossy cover. “Is this the current issue?”, I asked with my eyes shining. “Umm… yes?”, he responded, not sure how to read my suspicious enthusiasm.

“It is?”, I ask again. “It IS!”, I finally state.

“What IS your problem?”, Italian finally sighs.

“LOOK!”, I point to the cover. It says “Early Spring Magic”. Get it?

EARLY SPRING magic, y’all. She is few weeks away, but she is on her way. I may or may not have teared up.

In other news… After running, swimming, and hiking up the volcano for hours, I find myself at a CrossFit gym.

Time and time again, I find that switching activities is the best “rest”. In order to recover from a gruelling long distance race, I do not need to be lying on the couch for two weeks. Rather, I need to focus on mobility. Focus on re-building strength – slowly. Focus on skill.

With CrossFit Open coming up in less than two weeks, the latter will be especially important – SKILL.

Skill is definitely a weakness of mine, especially when it comes to Olympic lifts. While I am a decent runner, and have quite a bit of raw strength, I simply do not have enough practice hours under my belt to produce a beautiful snatch or overhead squat.

Off to get some practice hours in.

Hugs, SOLO


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