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Born To Run Ultra Marathons 2016 – Bonfires, Guitars And Shenanigans

A recent article in Trail Runner identified a new trend in running – a trail running festival – a multi day event, which includes not just running, but bonfires, guitars, beer, dancing and other shenanigans.

There is an ultra marathon at Burning Man.

There is a beer mile at Fuego y Agua Survival Run Nicaragua (no association, of course, but still…).

And there is another multi-day-party-with-a-side-of-running happing in California!

Born To Run Ultra Marathons is a series directed by Luis Escobar, and the weekend promises trail running, live music, camping and more. It has been described as ultra race meets Burning Man. As far as combinations go, pretty damn awesome, no? Your options include 200 miles (yay?), 100 miles, 30 miles and 10 miles of fun.

This year there will also be the first annual 0.0km for those who hate to run, but would love a race t-shirt. The event also includes a bib and a blue ribbon.

The website promises:

“Mild springtime, coastal climate, gentle rolling hills, single and double track trail, wildflowers, red-tailed hawks, dark blue skies and pristine clean air makes for ideal running environment.”

Given that it is April in Ontario, and I woke up to the ground covered in white, and fought my way home through snow, sleet and other disgusting things falling from the sky yesterday, thirty miles of dark blue skies and wildflowers sound pretty damn good right now. And I can teach yoga! And maybe dance. We’ll see on that last one.

This is my favorite part:

“Your children are welcome but not encouraged. The Born To Run Ultra Marathon is an adult event. There will be intense adult stupidity, offensive behavior, dogs, loud music, drinking and nudity.”

I will blend right in.

P.S. Oh. And I should probably read the book, eh?

Hugs, SOLO

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