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BoxSlut - CrossFit Mozomo, Collingwood, Ontario

The question I am often asked is which CrossFit Box I train at. I usually get this question, while at yet another box, and the (erroneous) implication is that I belong somewhere.

I am not, however, ready to make that kind of commitment yet. :) I wander in, and waltz out. I date around. My relationship with any given CrossFit box is fairly casual, some would even say promiscuous.

Within GTA alone, I have trained at CrossFit Toronto, CrossFit Liberty Village, CrossFit Solid Ground, Crossfit Newmarket Central and Vaughan Strength & Conditioning. I have trained at CrossFit Milan, Bologna, Vancouver, Calgary, Boston, Montreal and New York.

Small boxes, large boxes, busy boxes, empty boxes. I love them all.

I am a CrossFit orphan. Mutt. Gypsie. Roadie.


CrossFit Mozomo welcomed me with open arms during one of the coldest days of the winter, when I was hiding out in Collingwood, Ontario – a local ski resort town.

The box is long and narrow, but spacious.

I joined in for an olympic lifting class, where we worked on the clean and jerk.

It was February, and I loved the idea of displaying the 2015 goals front and centre at the box. Always nice to have a goal that you set staring you in the face.

Mozomo’s website also offered up helpful articles along with posting their daily WODs, like this one on whether you actually need lifting shoes (yes, you do).

And finally, the big sign, acting as a reminder to members:

Perhaps, not a bad life philosophy overall (especially, if you are a fairy).

I’m looking forward to another visit at Mozomo next time I am in Collingwood. Hopefully, it will be significantly warmer.

YOUR TURN: What is your favorite CrossFit box? Why?

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Hugs, SOLO


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