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BoxSlut - CrossFit Stoney Creek With Dr. John Berardi

The question I am often asked is which CrossFit Box I train at. I usually get this question, while at yet another box, and the (erroneous) implication is that I belong somewhere.

I am not, however, ready to make that kind of commitment yet. :) I wander in, and waltz out. I date around. My relationship with any given CrossFit box is fairly casual, some would even say promiscuous.

Within GTA alone, I have trained at CrossFit Toronto, CrossFit Liberty Village, CrossFit Solid Ground, Crossfit Newmarket Central and Vaughan Strength & Conditioning. I have trained at CrossFit Milan, Bologna, Vancouver, Calgary, Boston, Montreal and New York.

Small boxes, large boxes, busy boxes, empty boxes. I love them all.

I am a CrossFit orphan. Mutt. Gypsie. Roadie.



CrossFit Stoney Creek welcomed me with open arms few months back for a great workout. I had an awesome partner too – Precision Nutrition’s Dr. John Berardi (aka JB).

The workout? 100m sprints. Shoot me. I have not done sprints for… a while. JB, on the other hand, was happy as a clam – sprinting IS his sport as of late!


Working on pistol squats! Did you know a pistol squat is a great (and simple) diagnostic tool for whether you have good ankle and hip mobility?


Great space – and very organized.


JB in internationally recognized CrossFit rest position.


Stoney Creek was a great example of a small CrossFit box run well. Thanks so much, Lee, for hosting!

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Hugs, SOLO


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