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Coffee Beans, And How I Think About Black Friday 2023

Hi, Friend.

“At least we had the good coffee today” says this journal entry in one of my notebooks. There are almost seventy of them in total. 

Same entry: 

"The entire day just hangs on a cup of good coffee sometimes."

We started ordering Pilot (Coffee Roasters) beans during COVID. It seemed like a necessary  luxury - an oxymoron, perhaps. But with doors closed to everything, and the calendar blank - was else was there?

After two years of drinking “the good coffee” every day, there was no going back to the shiny overroasted beans you find at a grocery store.

he way I think about Black Friday (and Boxing Day, and every other holiday where your inbox is full of offers and promotions) is twofold:

  1. It’s a fantastic opportunity to buy products and services from people and companies you already love and follow (or are curious about)

I’m not buying coffee beans just because it’s Black Friday - I’m buying a particular product, because I already consume it regularly and love it. It’s a no-brainer to save money on the thing I am going to buy anyway. 

Skincare product that I’ve been curious about, but been cringing at the price tag? Well, it’s 30% off tomorrow, so… I’ll be buying. 

A private podcast from one of my favorite coaches I’ve been eyeing all year - at a discount? Sold.

2. it’s a fantastic opportunity to re-evaluate if companies and people are still bringing value to your life

Incessant messages from Sporting Life, because I bought a tank top from them that one time? Gone

Old Navy has a 90% off sale (again)? Hit “unsubscribe”. 

Tomorrow I’ll be buying some coffee beans from the company I love, and some books/resources/courses from the people whose work I admire. 

I’ll be unfollowing and unsubscribing from companies and people that are not bringing value, or that are focusing on the things that are no longer relevant to me. 

You will probably do the same. 



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