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CrossFit Open 14.1 - Preliminary Analysis

Sooo… it looks like I learned how to do double-unders just in time.


The best place to be during the first Open announcement? A Crossfit box, of course. In fact, we actually practiced our double-unders as soon as the workout was announced.

I banged out 30 in a row. Content.

Random observations:

  • FORM –> You can start with rope in hand. In snatches, the weight touches the floor every time – no bouncing.

  • What the hell happened to Bob Harper? What’s with the weird hair?

  • Marcus and Garrett make double-unders look easy. In fact, you can easily mistake them for singles.

  • Marcus is starting to get tired in fifth round. Now these are light snatches, and I bet things would look VERY differently if this was a 150lb snatch. This workout is all cardio – heart rate through the roof.

  • The record for this workout, dating back to the 2011, is 448 reps. What?

  • The reps in this workout are accumulated disproportionately – you fly (hopefully) though the double-unders, just to struggle with the snatches – especially in latter rounds.

  • Oh, and if Marcus is struggling with snatches, yours truly is… fucked. Truly.

  • Of course, Garrett took his shirt off as soon as he got up from the floor. And women in the first row took their phones out. Then he really took his sweet time putting that shirt on. I’ve never seen a guy take so long to put on a piece of clothing.

Cover up already… Jeez!

The hardest part of weight lifting is learning the damn lingo. Clean, hang clean, power clean. Snatch, squat snatch, power snatch, muscle snatch. #kill me

1. Muscle snatch

– quicker – takes legs out of the equation – you literally muscle the weight up hmm… sounds like something I could be good at

2. Power snatch

– catching higher: really, anything above parallel – either half or quarter squat – pull is the same, just receiving the bar higher – competitive weight lifters will be able to power snatch about 80% of their snatch

3. (Squat) snatch

– A snatch is a snatch. No one called it a squat snatch until Crossfit came along. – The most aggressive pull – you catch the weight in full squat – This will be your heaviest snatch.

P.S. Oh, and you know one of the coolest things about having a blog is being able to look back at the things that took place at this time last year!

For example, last year I completed 13.1 in New York City as a warm-up to an all-night event. And we had to do snatches too. Good times.

Hugs, Solo


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