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CrossFit Open 15.2 – Preliminary Analysis

  1. break up those chest to bar pull-ups early. Notice that both Michele and Emily broke them up in their FIRST set. I hope your palms are intact after last weeks workout.

  2. be nice to your shoulders. You’ll need them even after the Open. On a somewhat related note, a previously unknown Maude Charron from Quebec posted the best score in 15.1. All eyes are on her now. Oh, and she deadlifts 400lb. What is it with athletes from Quebec, anyway? Is there something in the water??? I am keeping my fingers crossed for box jumps and deadlifts next time. Hell, even the double-unders would be ok this year. :) YOUR TURN: What are you hoping for in 15.3? Which movement/exercise will allow you to demonstrate your strengths? Hugs, SOLO


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