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CrossFit Open 15.3 – Post-Mortem

This is my third Open, and I have never had to scale a workout. Yes, there was that brutal and long 14.4 with muscle-ups at the very end, but thankfully, lots of things before that to keep us busy. Toes-to-bar, anyone? [Although I do think I’d find that workout easier this year. Bonus!]

But, when the ego gets in your way, it helps to kick it to the curb more often than not. Something I was reminded of, as I walked into the box on Friday night. I was not 100% whether I was there to cheer others on, or whether I’d actually do the scaled workout. I have also briefly considered doing the workout with a 30lb ball, and wearing a tutu. Just coz.

From the Games website, it seems that as soon as you select to perform a Scaled version of a workout, you are pretty much out of contention as individual competitor. Not that I was planning to make to the Regionals or anything this year, but it still stung a little. Ok, a lot.

My biggest question this week was the rankings. Consider a scenario like this:

Mary and Jane have identical scores in 15.1 and 15.2 Rx. Neither Mary nor Jane can do muscle-ups. Mary submits a zero Rx score for 15.3, Mary does 15.3 scaled and submits a score of … whatever. They proceed to complete 15.4 and 15.5 Rx, and receive identical scores in those two workouts as well. Who will rank higher?

The question was answered pretty quickly, as apparently, you cannot submit a zero score. That seems strange to me. Zero IS a score, after all.

Things I learned:

  • I rock at single rope jumps. 200 unbroken, baby. I am comfortable enough doing them, that it was almost restful. Almost.

  • My muscles gave out before lungs in this workout. I was actually expecting the opposite - a pukey workout with heart rate through the roof. Instead, I had to stop to take few breaths, simply because my muscles were on fire! Omg, and my feet during those rope jumps!

  • The quads were sore. Oh, yes, they were. After doing the workout on Friday night, I thought I dodged the bullet, waking up and feeling fresh on Saturday morning, but DOMS settled in by Saturday night. Check!

  • It was definitely inspiring to watch everyone working on their muscle-ups. And I was oh-so-tempted. Damn peer pressure.

  • The Open this year is definitely not as it has been in the past. Shit's getting real, and you'd better be working on your gymnastic skills year round.Total Score: 783 (scaled) We have not seen thrusters or burpees yet. Handstand push-ups may make their appearance (another no-no for me after a wrist injury - gah!). I am hoping for a 5k run with a 50lb sandbag, personally. I'd do really well in that one. Liked this post? You may enjoy my commentary on the 15.3 announcement. YOUR TURN: What do you think will show up for 15.4 and 15.5? Hugs, Solo


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