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CrossFit Open 15.4 - Post-Mortem

Today I saw a man whose heart was not beating. How is that for an opening line?

Perhaps, let me explain – it was not nearly dramatic as it could have been if I was a writer for Grey’s Anatomy. On my way to the climbing gym, I saw a man sprawled lying on the sidewalk with EMS personnel around him. Passers by were staring, and one of the emergency staff was doing CPR. I saw the entire scene for about four seconds, as long as it took me to drive by, trying not to hit the car in front of me, who braked to see what exactly was happening.

What I realized is that at any given point in time I am actually way more likely to witness blood than I am to witness a heart that is not beating – the side effect of being surrounded by others who are young, strong, fit and like climbing things and chopping trees. Heck, my axe has a name!

What does this story have to do with 15.4? Not very much.

Except that I had a mini melt down on Friday, when I was supposed to head down to the box, and get-er-done. My shoulders were hurting all day, and spending even eight minutes making them worse did not seem like a good idea. Ah, CrossFit… Promoting shoulder health since 2000.

Someone’s shoulders do not work the way they should. Someone’s heart is not beating.

Downward comparison works like a charm. Every time.

I guess I’ll deal with the shoulders.

Oh, and shoulder presses? All unbroken.

Total Score: 138 (scaled)

Hugs, SOLO


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