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Dr. Oz, Donald Trump and The Incredible Hulk

In response to President Trump’s recent recommendation to nominate Dr. Oz and The Incredible Hulk to his Sport, Fitness and Nutrition Council, I would like to make few more recommendations/additions to his cabinet that I feel would be on brand:

Ronald McDonald, as Advisor on Nutrition Optimization and Automation, and Secretary of Agriculture

Gwyneth Paltrow is an obvious choice when it comes all things health policy, so she would step in as Secretary of Health, and possibly U.S. Surgeon General

Kanye West as the Ambassador to the United Nations

Food Babe as White House Chief Conspiracy Theorist, as well as Secretary of Defense from Artificial Sweeteners and The Evil Pharma

Homer Simpson as Director of National Intelligence, Secretary Of Nuclear Safety as well as Chief Advisor on Infant and Child Development. Because why not.

Please add your nominations and reasoning below.

P.S. No, not an Onion article. I checked. (And checked, and checked).

Hugs, SOLO


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