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Eat Your Protein, Don't Eat Your Protein, Just Don't Generalize From N=1

A recent article called “Slaying the Protein Myth” made its rounds on the internet. While it did not necessarily tell me anything I didn’t know, I found myself miffed. I don’t really know whether that’s conventional wisdom any more. It seems that we have been talking about this long enough to establish that “vegan” and “athlete” can get along just fine.

Eat your protein. Don’t eat your protein. I’m all for a balanced diet. And yes, it is possible to eat healthy, be an athlete, and have a strong fit body without animal protein. However, I’m getting a bit sick and tired of pointing to specific athletes as proof.

The fact that strongman Patrik Baboumian broke a World Record for most weight carried by a human being when he hauled over 1200 pounds , all on a plant based diet, should NOT serve as some sort of evidence that you do or do not need animal protein.

Case studies are just that – case studies. Patrik Baboumian is weird. Yes, statistically weird. Aka an outlier. Whether he eats meat or not.

When it comes to female upper body strength, I am pretty weird also. So what? I could do pull-ups in my vegan days, in my vegetarian days, and I can do them now. It would have been silly to point at me and say: “See, she is not eating meat, AND she can do pull-ups! Hence, you don’t need to eat meat to do pull-ups.”

Really, people?

Miffed, Solo


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