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Epic Racing Arena - Video Application

Another nod to the exploding interest in the sport, Epic Racing Arena seems to be the Burning Man of obstacle racing. A 4-day festival in Las Vegas… All things obstacle racing. I’m assuming clothing is optional.

From the Epic Racing Arena website:

"The world’s finest athletes from mixed disciplines will be hand-selected for a chance to compete for the largest total cash prize purse in obstacle racing history. Up to 128 qualified athletes will have the honor of taking on this unprecedentedly challenging course in a time trial, with the fastest 20 advancing to the Championship Race."

As part of the application, we are to complete and film a prescribed workout. Go to a football field with a field goal post.

  1. Males: Perform 15 pull-ups on the field goal crossbar. Females: Perform 5 pull-ups on the field goal crossbar. The timer starts when you begin your first rep from a dead hang.

  2. Run to the opposite endzone, around the field goal post, and return to the original field goal post. Standard American Football field dimensions: 120 yards goal post to goal post (240 yards total).

  3. Perform 20 burpees (with pushup).

I sit in my car in the parking lot of a local high school, waiting for my cameraman. “You may want to drop by the physical education department and tell them what you are doing”, he says on the phone. “You know… so you don’t get arrested…”. There is the implicit suggestion that my escapades frequently tempt the public to call the police. “It’s a two minute video”, I say reassuringly. “They won’t have time”.

With wind howling, I am not exactly looking forward to this en devour. The clouds are moving across the sky like a funeral procession. All I need is some really dramatic music. I’m thinking Nightwish. Or Epica. Good old Scandinavian goth rock. Do I get bonus points for hail and pouring rain?

As one school bus after another pulls in, I realize that my racing outfit of sports bra and running tights is not earning me any extra points… It’s a good day to be female. Somehow I think a half naked guy sitting in a high school parking lot may have caused somewhat more of an alarm… And! I only have to do 5 pull-ups.

The sound quality is atrocious – thanks to a really windy morning. But those pull-ups look pretty good, if I say so myself.

Hugs, SOLO


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