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Five Days Until The Death Race, And The Official Gear List

Days until the Death Race: 5 Hours slept last night: 9

The (first) official gear list: ID CARD (laminated with medical info and emergency contact info) Life Jacket Ax Saw Hand Shovel 10 Foot Section of 1/8 inch rope Tuxedo Hand snips 5 lbs of hay 1 lb of grass seed Safety Goggles Swimming Goggles $5.00 in quarters Water Filter

I took the liberty to add few items of my own: – a banjo – yoga mat – rolling papers (for the hay – see above) – Barbie head – ball gag with collar Today’s gear purchases: – 2 1-L collapsible Platypus water bottles – oral rehydration salts – 2 Cliff bars (anything for the sake of variety – Cool Mint Chocolate and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, even though I know perfectly well that after 10 hours, all Cliff bars taste the same) – plastic waterproof pill containers – plastic waterproof emergency kit

I’ve also stolen my favorite racing Salomons back from their recent home – a store window display in Salomon Toronto store:

My FellCross was in great company:

Things I am not doing this week:

  • renting a tuxedo

  • buying new hiking shoes

  • eating obscene amounts of pasta

  • taking freezing cold showers to get used to the cold

  • squeezing in a couple of last-minute 4-, 12-, and 24-hour training sessions before the event to make sure I’m ready

  • paying much attention to what’s going on in the Death Race Facebook group

Things I am doing this week:

  • sleeping lots

  • drinking lots (to answer your question – yes, and yes)

  • packing my gear

  • think about and talk about things other than the Death Race

  • doing lots of yoga

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do one of the above.

Signing off, Solo


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