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Fork In The Road 5k 2015 - Race Recap

This weekend I took part in Ontario's newest trail run - Fork In the Road 5k - a trail run with a twist.

From the race website:

"You will be challenged with forks in the road where you will have to decide which way to go. Choose correctly and you will run a beautiful 5 Km course. Choose incorrectly and you may be faced with an extra hill or a bonus 500m of single-track trail increasing your total distance to up to 8 Km. "

So, this is a 5k race, which could end up being 8k!

Fork In the Road 5k is put on by the same organizers as MudNewton - one of my favorite Ontario trail runs. I have written about MudNewton in my blog post on why you should participate in a local mudrun. And you know this badass pic?


It was taken at MudNewton. :)

After hitting a CrossFit workout with JB the day before (100m sprints, kettlebell swings and sit-ups!), I was sore, sore, SORE! Yet, I was excited to be outdoors on such a glorious day. And hey, running for fun meant I could take pictures along the way!

At the start line.

Erin (on the right), the race director, is about to send us off!

Beautiful Uxbridge trails. I have a soft spot for Uxbridge. And it is known as Ontario's trail capital. A perfect place to be.

Here's a sample fork on course - which way???

Trotting through the forest.

This made me smile most of all. Little green buds on trees. The spring is here, and there is no going back.

Big smiles at the finish line!

According to my GPS, I took all the shortcuts, totalling just under 5k. :)

YOUR TURN: Did you race this weekend? What was the event?

Hugs, SOLO


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