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Gear Review - Why Salomon Endurance 3/4 Running Tights Is My New Favorite Racing Pant

Gang, meet my new favorite racing pants – Salomon Endurance 3/4 Running Tights. This is what I wore, while running Tough Mudder blindfolded, and you can bet your hams, I’ll be wearing these to the Championships in Vermont.

While you will find your fellow peeps racing in anything from booty shorts (thigh gap mandatory) to full length running tights (hello, heat stroke), I find that 3/4 length ideal. Capris protect the knees from the brunt of the beating, while still leaving a bit of skin to breathe, and keep yourself cool.

This is a take on running tights in between Salomon Trail IV 3/4 Running Tights and Salomon EXO 3/4, which is a compression pant.


This new running pant came out in addition to the regular in Salomon’s collection. The Trail Running Tights would be the closest relative, and these pants offer quicker dry time, and 3 pockets. supposed to dry quicker than the Trail 3 pockets, so 2 easy access in addition to one zipped


  • Dry time.

Awesome. I was actually quite surprised by how quickly these crops dry. In fact, Salomon promises quicker dry time than their closest relative, the Trail Running Tights, despite the tighter weave (see below).

  • Weave.

Finally! These racing tights provide a tighter weave than most cropped tights by Salomon, making them more appropriate for obstacle racing (hello, barbed wire!). My one complaint about the running tights was that they were very thin and light, which helpful on a run, would often snag and rip in more gnarly conditions. The Ultra Beast destroyed a pair completely. These babies, on the other hand, will hold up.

  • Compression.

These tights are not considered to be compression gear, yet you will definitely feel more… supported. Awesome for the jiggly bits, yet does not require sewing yourself into a space suit.

  • Stripes.

Stripes are hot. Just sayin’.


  • Transparent-ish.

While these racing tights are significantly less see through than the Trail Endurance Tights, you still want to be careful about bending over too much. And, perhaps, choose some black underwear, instead of Tweety the Bird thong. Unless you have an agenda. In that case, Tweety away.

  • Fit.

These tights fit a little large. I had to go for Large, instead of my usual Medium. You may want to try these on first. Of course, it’s entirely possible that my quads are just bigger this year. #squatsareawesome

*Update: I have talked to staff at Salomon Toronto, and they confirmed that these pants fit small, because of compression. The upside is that women’s and men’s pants are actually the same, apart from sizing. If Women’s Large is too snug, check out the men’s! I fit into Women’s Large or Men’s Medium comfortably.

  • Cost.

At $85 CAD, these are hardly a steal, and it is possibly to find a decent pair of capris for half the price. You don’t get the bells and whistles, however (see the pros), and I would say the price is comparable to competition, such as Reebok, Lululemon and other brands.


Overall, I would say the pros far outweigh the cons for these racing tights. These are my choice for obstacle racing this year. See also:

YOUR TURN: What are your favourite bottoms for obstacle racing this season? Are you wearing Reebok? Nike? Lululemon? Costco? Compression – yay or nay?

Slightly compressed, Solo


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