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Gear Review - Xtreme Monkey Weight Vest

The ultimate local food is the one you grow and pick yourself. However, walking to a local farm to pick up some apple cider is pretty damn local too.

I have been getting more and more friendly with my weight vest lately, as most of my cardio shifted to lower impact, strength-oriented exercise.

My primary function for the vest is weighted walking, and weighted step ups (think jump box, or a moving escalator machine).I like wearing mine during hikes with friends. (They almost stopped giving me weird looks. Almost…). I may also use it for lunges in the future.

I bought this vest at the Treadmill Factory – a Canadian chain that carries weights, jumping ropes, kettlebells and all kinds of gym equipment in addition to treadmills. If you are going to visit the store, I recommend that you find one of the bigger locations (like the one I went to in Markham, ON). You can also order online.

The vests come in 25lb, 35lb, 45lb and 55lb. Mine is 45lb.

What a lovely trio. Don’t you just want to hug them? The guy in the middle is wearing my vest.

From the manufacturer:

[quote] The Xtreme Monkey commercial weight vest doesn’t sag! And the weight is evenly distributed throughout the vest for comfort and balance. The NEW design allows you to freely exercise without worrying about weights falling out of the vest. [/quote]

I can attest to at least two of these claims. The velcro straps across the chest hold it snugly in place, so it definitely does not sag.

The weight pockets are a tight fit for each of the individual weights, so, yes – no worry about them falling out.

The comfort factor is a bit iffy, but that’s based on my own anatomy, and that’s where I need your help (see below).

Specs: – 45lbs adjustable vest – 18 incremental weights – easy adjustable velcro strap – commercial material to ensure no rips or tears

Perfect for: – Handstand push-ups – Burpees – Bear crawls

Hmm… Can’t really vouch for any of these, as I have not done (or plan to do) any of these with a weight vest on. It’s a great way to make your cardio a bit more… “strengthy” though.

Mission accomplished.

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Hugs, SOLO


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