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Halloween, And Appreciating Depth Perception


This is literally something I threw on this morning… Not bad, huh?

This is the second time when I dressed up for Halloween, mostly for the shock value. Never underestimate the number of smiles you can put on people’s faces with an unexpected costume. The truth is Halloween turned into a holiday for kids roaming for candy, and the 18-25 crowd roaming for… well, other things. Nobody expects a college professor to dress up.

When I was in first year of university, on Halloween my Calculus professor showed up wearing pajamas with flying pigs on them that glowed in the dark. She had huge freckles and carried a teddy bear for the whole lecture. I obviously do not remember what the lecture was about. But I never forgot the lecture.

Fellow scary creatures:


And now the whole class:


I also went to the gym as a… I don’t know… physically active pirate? It was fun, but oh my god, I have never worked out in this much make-up… Blech. Once a year seems about right. The funniest thing is that sometimes I see women working out, literally wearing their face.

How do they do it?


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Signing off, SOLO


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