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How Squats Make Everything Better

*If you came here for actual information on squats, sorry – it’s all gushing and ranting today. Go here instead.

I swore I would not turn in to THAT girl. The one who wouldn’t shut up talking about squats. Yes, we get it – you squat. It says so right there, on your t-shirt. Tell me again how big your butt is. Or even better, show me. Oh, wait, you already did. It’s right there on Facebook.

But, oh my god.

Squats make everything better. This is the thesis I am leading with today.

You are free to argue and/or question. But I think I have finally reached the level of radical fundamentalism when it comes to squats. Which, of course, means that all of your logic as to why squats, perhaps, do not make everything better, well… all of your logic is not going to do squat. HAHAHA. [One of my better qualities is that I am perfectly capable of keeping myself entertained. Just having an engaged conversation over here. All. By. Myself.]

Monday morning marked less than 48 hours since I finished my ultra marathon. On Sunday, I managed a 90-min hot yoga class, and thought I was doing remarkably well – being able to walk again, for example. Turns out walking is an important functional movement. The text from coach said: “Go back to your deload week this week”. Well, there went my recovery plan of mostly eating and sleeping. And, going back to deload week meant that today I was doing… heavy squats? Surely, that was wrong.

I reminded myself to behave like an athlete, aka STFU and not question coach, and headed to the gym before teaching two hot yoga classes back to back. By the time, I was in a yoga studio, I was bouncing. If you told me on Sunday as I crawled over that finish line that I would feel almost back to normal, just over two days later, I would have laughed in your face.

Evidence gathered so far:

  • if you are pissed, squats make it better.

  • if you are sad, squats make it better.

  • if you are sore, squats make it better.

Conclusion: Squats make everything better.

And just to seal the deal, I was tagged in this image yesterday:

I think I am officially THAT girl. Damn it.

P.S. Because I teach yoga, and I see horrendous squats every week, here’s a reminder:

Today’s soundtrack, this:


When in doubt, squat. Solo


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