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How To Train For GORUCK 6 Hours Before GORUCK

Mike and I headed out to my gym along with our loaded up backpacks – six bricks in each.

  • 5min, warm-up, start at 5.0, increase speed every minute to 7.5

  • 5min, jumping rope – a guy who just finished a Muay Thai session showed us some tricks, like trying to come into a squat while jumping – so here’s a new skill to work on

  • 10min, foam rolling – new activity for Mike: I’m pretty sure he saw stars.

  • 30min, treadmill intervals, 7×60-60, 3.0/6.5 @15%

  • 10min, play around on the pull-up bars – snapped couple of cool shots and practiced monkey bars

  • 5min, cooldown – jogging on the treadmill with loaded up backpacks.

Last time I did treadmill incline running at 15%, I was going at 6.0 speed, so I knew I could probably push to about 6.1. “Nah,” says Mike, “we will take it to 6.5”. Of course…

We lasted for three intervals before having to take a longer break. Then squeaked out the remaining four with 2-3 minutes in between. This was HARD. Definitely that pukey “holy moly, I do not think I can do this for another 10 seconds” feeling. After the last interval, we were a pile on the floor.

Leaving you with a couple of action shots:

364 days!

Hugs, SOLO


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