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I Cannot Keep Calm Before A Race!

“Taper? What taper?” “I hate rest days!” “Is it the weekend yet?”

I have heard every single one of the above from my fit athletic badass obstacle racing friends. They moan and roll their eyes at having to ease off on their workouts before the championship this weekend.

Yet… this is all part of the racing experience. The foreplay.

The weekend will be here soon enough. And then (yes, arguably) the biggest race of the year will be over. We will be back to recounting the details, laughing over shared jokes, remembering that obstacle, sharing photos, and writing blog posts. The drop will be here soon enough.

  • Until then I am looking forward to packing and re-packing my bag.

  • Freaking out about what to wear.

  • Figuring out which shoes to take, and discovering those shoes are dirty, and frantically washing them, hoping they will dry in time, and then stuffing them in my bag still wet.

  • Packing food for the trip, and trying to remember for the millionth time whether bananas are ok to import into the States, then shrugging and packing them anyway.

  • Postponing fuelling up as much as possible, because gas is so much cheaper in the States.

  • Explaining the purpose of the trip to the nice officers at the border.

  • Drinking way too much Starbucks Coffee and having to pee every 50km.

  • Buying Gatorade, SIM cards and energy bars at Target.

  • Seeing familiar signs “Welcome to Vermont!”.

  • Hugging friends and strangers and talking excitedly about “tomorrow”.

Do not rush life.

Enjoy anticipation. It is, in fact, delicious.

The race has already started.

Pensively yours, Solo


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