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I Love Myselfie

*As my regular readers know, I overrely on sarcasm. My sense of humour is overwhelmingly sarcastic, self-deprecating, and sometimes, cynical. If you are NOT one of my regular readers, I'd love it if you read the blog post to the end, before getting offended. If you get to the end, and you are still offended, that's cool. I appreciate you reading.

"Here's my body". "I am sharing it online, because I feel superior to you in some way. And I thought you should know. Take a good look at my body, it's the right one. If you do what I do, you can have the right body also. So, drink water, do squats, take the time, commit to change. Look! Hard work pays off. . Look! Believe in yourself. . Look! I did my make-up to camouflage any "flaw" I could find. So, now I think a picture of my face is finally worth sharing. Look! I am wearing my most flattering jeans (read: jeans that make me look the thinnest) and a crop top. And I am turning my hips one way, and my shoulders the other way, AND pulling in my stomach. Look! I am 22 (32, 42, 82), and vegan (gluten free, paleo, Protestant, militant). If you do what I do, you will look like me. . Look! I drink Shakeology (Isagenix, kale smoothies, kool-aid), and this is what I look like. Want to look like me? You should drink it too. Look! I lost 20 pounds. I am a work in progress. I am not there yet. I am not perfect yet. Please don't judge. Please judge! Look! LOOK! Like me. Tag me. Comment and reassure me. Tell me I am beautiful. Beauty is not quite the same as self-worth, but it's close enough. Or, rather, it will have to do. Tell me I am beautiful again. Tell me again. I believe you, but only briefly. And it feels good, so good for about a second, and then I need it again. This is exhausting. But I will post another photo, and wait for the comments to roll in." ... ... ... FUCK THAT. Your body is not right or wrong. Your body is not a philosophical argument. Your body is you. You are your body (and more). Let's try something else. Here's the spirit in which I will always share a photo of myself, of my body, of my face - selfie or not, posed or not, flexing or not, made up or not, clothed or not.

Here's a body. I have one, and so do you.

PicMonkey Collage1
PicMonkey Collage2

I share a picture of mine, because I think it's pretty awesome, and I like sharing pictures of awesome things. Awesome things should be seen, captured, used, and celebrated. Because why the hell not. If you feel like doing the same, you totally should. Let's celebrate together. Hugs, SOLO


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