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In Pursuit Of DNF

Quiet week on the blog, but a lot has happened in the background. My second Goruck challenge. A trail run. Four CrossFit workouts. My Obstacle Racing 101 workshop. And perhaps, the most notably, my Death Race (DR) media challenge article has been published in the latest issue of Get Out There magazine.

The media challenge is required for all first-time Death Racers – you must tell the world that you will be attempting DR by securing a media story about it in a local newspaper or TV show.

The penalty for not completing the task this year is the 50,000 lb lift. Essentially, you will be required to deadlift 30-50 lb boulders 1,000 times in 5 hours or less. And if you do not complete the challenge, you will be eliminated from the event before it even starts. Without further ado…

Read the issue in its entirety here.

Signing off, Solo


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