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Introducing... SOLO Performance Coaching!

This has been coming for a while. And I’m excited to finally share that…

I am starting SOLO Performance Coaching, a life coaching business, with an emphasis on obstacle race training and nutrition.

I started this blog in June 2012, as a way to document my training and racing leading up to the Spartan Death Race 2013. However, it became so much more.

As I focused on obstacle racing in 2012, I have uncovered an unmet need. As the sport of obstacle racing has exploded, more and more individuals are taking on the races for the first time. However, there is not a lot of formal information on training and gearing up for these events.

Most coaches out there do not race, and most racers do not coach.

Until now!

In the last year, friends and strangers reached out to me, seeking help and advice with their diet and training. Many were simply intimidated by the raw-muscle feel of obstacle racing. “Don’t I need a team?”, they ask. “I wish I could do Tough Mudder, but I don’t know anyone who would do it with me”, they said. “What do I wear?”

Racing, I would encounter carnage along the course, as fit, but unprepared racers cramped up, and bonked. I wrote a blog post “10 tips before tough Mudder”. I started carrying extra salt pills and energy gels with me. I became “the guardian angel of obstacle races”, as some poor cramping soul referred to me (possibly hallucinating), as I would run by, unzip my hydration pack, pass out some Advil, or duct tape, and then keep going.

Last year I partnered up with a number of CrossFit gyms around the city, offering Obstacle Racing 101 workshops. My goal was to make everyone’s obstacle race as enjoyable as possible. No sunburn, no cramping, no injuries. Show up prepared and have fun!

This year, I plan to continue to do just that by combining my two passions – teaching and racing. Rip people off the couch, and into the mud.

If you haven’t participated in your first obstacle race yet, I hope you make 2013 that year. Check out the list of obstacle races around GTA, pick one, and sign up! Hell, email me – I will sign you up myself!

Stop eating crap. Get in the mud. Roll around. Learn to run. Have fun.

And if you need help doing any of the above, I’ll be there to guide you along. Check out the Coaching page here.

Signing off, Solo


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