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Italy In Two Words - Travel Notes

Narrow streets.

Orange trees.

Peeling paint.

Hanging laundry.

Pizza lunch.

Pasta dinner.

Pasta lunch.

Pizza dinner.

Leather boots.

Skinny jeans.

Smoking teenagers.

Adidas sneakers.

Fresh tomatoes.

Fresh ricotta.

Fresh fish.

Fresh. Fresh.

Espresso macchiato.

Parmigiano Reggiano.

Vino rosso.

Molto bene.

Ciao, bella.

Come stai?

Ti amo.

Viva Italia.

YOUR TURN: If you had to describe Italy in two words, what would they be? What about Canada? United States?

Next up, I’m off to eat pizza at the oldest pizzeria in Naples. And maybe another pizzeria or two. #bucketlist

Ciao, Solo

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