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Kids Used To Hate Me

Hi, Friend.

Kids like me. 

"So what, Kate?", you might be thinking. "Kids like lots of people". 

"Kids also like fart jokes, and putting mashed potatoes into their hair."

I need to give you a bit more context, so we can marvel together on what a HUGE deal this is, mmkay?

Kids like me NOW.

Kids did NOT like me before.

I was one of “those people”. There’d be a kid in front of me, and I would attempt communication, and it never went well.

Kids didn’t like me, didn’t trust me, didn’t feel comfortable around me. They’d get scared, and had that whole quivering lip thing going on as soon as I addressed them. I felt stiff around them, and didn’t know how to talk to them.


This shot was taken this spring, and I swear I am actually encouraging this kid. HONEST! But you gotta admit, that's NOT what this look like. lol......


NOW I can make a baby giggle.

I can read a book to a four year old, and do the voices.

I can play a SOLID game of peekaboo.

What’s different?

Well, I could say that I have been enlightened ever since having children. I am a better human now, blah blah blah, and I have stepped into my feminine energy.

Except that’s not it.

It’s just… the reps.

Time under tension.

Deliberate practice.

The most mindblowing aspect of this whole “hanging out with children” skill has been just that - realizing it’s a SKILL.

It’s a set of responses, reactions, actions and behaviors that can be PRACTICED and LEARNED.

Wintering well is like that too.

We go around thinking it’s just that winter doesn’t like US, and WE don’t like winter, and it’s this hopeless mutual dislike.

Except… wintering is also a skill.

Managing one’s mood and energy throughout the winter is a skill.

It’s also a set of responses, reactions, actions and behaviors that can be PRACTICED and LEARNED.


– hearing Christmas carols in October, and not wanting to smash something– seeing egg nog at the grocery store and smiling, instead of feeling your stomach drop – looking forward to winter running– being excited about the snow  

All of this ^^^ possible because of a … SKILL? Yep. 



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