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Licking The Floor, And When “Stop It!” Doesn’t Help

I’ve seen this video shared and re-shared. Often by health and fitness professionals. Heck, I probably shared it at least once.

Video Unavailable

The thing is… sometimes, this is what it feels like when you try to explain a mental health struggle to someone. You are told to “STOP IT!”.

Depressed? Stop it! Anxious? Just stop it!

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Let it go! Love and light. Oh, and STOP IT.

I think the polite version of this is “have you ever considered…?”. Like – “oh, you are anxious? have you ever considered meditation?”.

“Seasonal depression? Ahhh, yes. Have you thought of skiing?”

It sucks to be on the receiving end of “stop it!”. You feel unheard. And a little crazy.

I try to recognize when I do it to others. Because I am sure I do.

“Why are you taking so long to pick out groceries?” to my husband. “Stop it!”.

“Why are you licking the floor?” to my toddler. “Stop it!”.

Perhaps, when we utter “stop it!” to someone else, it should instead be a reminder for US to stop.

Why do you want them to “stop it” anyway? Is it inconvenient for YOU? Are you missing another viewpoint? Another perspective?

A friend asked me once: “WHAT IS IT LIKE when you are depressed?”.

I wonder if you can replace “stop it” with “what is it like?’. I wonder if I can.

Hugs, SOLO


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