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Life Is Too Short, And A Week Of Workouts

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, and thought “ugh… life is too short for this”? I started writing this post in my head, during one of those lovely bumper-to-bumper afternoons…

life is too short...

  • to be stuck in traffic

  • to work through lunch

  • to drive automatic transmission

  • to watch sports

  • to take the elevator

  • to have bad sex

  • to wear tight underwear, ill-fitting bra and uncomfortable shoes

  • to eat cheap cheese, Wonder bread, store-bought cupcakes, stale cookies, canned vegetables and low fat ice cream

  • to drink instant coffee, and bottled beer

  • to use dull knives and dark towels, small mugs

  • to give half-assed hugs and weak handshakes

What am I forgetting? Add it in comments!

P.S. Last week during a quiz I told my students not to stir after they finished, but find their happy place instead… Here’s one student’s interpretation…

and a week worth of training…


  • 5-7min jumping rope

  • easy 5k run on a treadmill

  • 45min, teaching hatha yoga

  • 150min, teaching hot yoga


  • 75min, restorative yoga


  • 150min, teaching hatha yoga

  • 2h 48min – long run [~20.4km –> first and last km through knee deep snow]



front squat 5-5-5-5-5 warm-up: 10(35) / 8(65) / 5(85) / 5(105) 5(115) – 5(125) – 5(135) – 5(145) – 5(150)

8min AMRAP: 8 knee-to-elbow + 8 kettlebell swing + 16 air squat 6 rounds + 6 knee-to-elbow


  • 6km tempo run on treadmill

I’m still pretty clueless about all these running workouts and paces. So until I figure that out, tempo run = pace that makes me want to stop. Like… right away… Then stay there for the duration of the run. Brutal.


CrossFit: 6 x 250m Row Immediately following each interval – Set of max effort hand release push-ups Rest ~ 4 minutes after each interval set 1: 58sec / 45 push-ups set 2: 57sec / 46 push-ups set 3: 55sec / 32 push-ups set 4: 57sec / 35 push-ups set 5: 57sec / 37 push-ups set 6: 51sec / 40 push-ups Was pretty happy with my rowing times.

  • 60min, hot yoga


  • 6km easy run on treadmill



  • 45 min, teaching hatha yoga

  • 150min, teaching hot yoga

Signing off, Solo

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