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Lululemon - The New And Not-So-Mysterious Target Audience Of The Yoga Retailer

It looks like Lululemon is branching out.

There has been some talk about Lulu going under – with those see-through pants and all. Yet, only recently the Lululemon’s founder’s home has been rated as the most expensive home in British Columbia for the second year in a row. He’s fine, really.

The Canadian retailer started out with yoga wear, and in the last couple of years pushed into the running market, and, especially, the “wear yoga pants everywhere” market.

Sarcasm aside (just for a moment!), I am actually a big fan. While sizing is a bit wonky for someone like myself (wide ribcage, no boobs = size 10-12 sports bra… What?), I love their bottoms and long sleeve tops. And Salomon, despite my pleading, still has not attempted a sports bra.


*In photo above – Lulu sportsbra and Salomon everything else, getting ready for Spartan Ultra Beast 2012.

Judging from the last newsletter I found in my inbox, there is another target audience Lululemon is after in 2015. Let’s see if you can figure it out.

Here’s the typical fare that you would see normally:


And another one:

Now, Lululemon works for running too! Look:

*Try to ignore the heel strike. Just look away if your knees hurt.

Now, let’s take a look at the gems that found their way to my inbox:

Exhibit A:


This is a running photo, you see. Yet, she is running indoors, and is sporting a very non-runner six-pack. Notice the minimalist no-brand-visible shoe. And what’s this in the back? Rings? And a.. rig?

Exhibit B:


It seems strange to have rings in a locker room. Floor was not good enough for bicycle crunches, so she is balancing herself on a bench. I think people mostly do these on a bench to keep their butt clean. Is that it?

Exhibit C:


Continuing on the rings theme… This is definitely a rig. Pull-up bars and all. And this faceless firefighter (I like to think he is a firefighter) is clearly not getting ready for a run.

Exhibit D:


What’s this now? A jumping rope? And.. kettlebells? Dumbbells? The image to the left with letters CF and a barbell is freaking priceless. Subtle.

Exhibit E:

He has a face, you, guys! He is NOT a Dementor. His jump rope workout is done, and he managed to sweat in a perfect semi-circle, while leaving his armpits completely dry. Can you do that? He can! Aaaaand, wall medicine balls in the back. YES!

Exhibit F:

Another faceless male. This is like porn – the man’s face just does not matter as much. Neck down is where it’s at, y’all. And he is sitting on a plyo jump box. Hmmm… yoga prop?

Exhibit G:

I saved the best for last. This is the moneymaker. It’s a freaking barbell. Lululemon and a barbell!!! Holy shit. Unheard of!

… faints.

Just kidding. It’s been done.

YOUR TURN: Where will Lululemon head next? Perhaps, obstacle racing? Lululemon and mud? Barbed wire in the background?

Hugs, SOLO


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