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Men Only Obstacle Race, Or How To Never Get Chicked Again

Are you sick and tired of showing up to an obstacle race only to be passed by one chick after another? Do not let it happen again!

We, at XY Obstacle Racing, are committed to provide all male obstacle racers with a cutthroat environment and an opportunity to finally race chick-free.

Finally, a race where your male ego is never bruised!

We offer three distances to cater to every ability.

1. Dirty Boys 5k 2. Men in Mud 10k 3. Balls of Steel Half Marathon

You bet you will be timed!

Top finishers get a miniature replica of the NYC Charging Bull (balls and all), as well as a pair of truck nuts in your choice of finish – silver, bronze or gold.

Just look at these beauties! All of our events conclude with a festival. We will play death metal, and serve sausage. Lots and lots of sausage.

Each participant will receive a swag bag, including condoms, a tub of creatine, and a can of “He-Man” Campbell’s beef soup.

Some of our obstacles include:

– shot of testosterone – man up – always rock hard – muscle madness – jacked in a box – raw energy – shredded ego – stack o’wood – do you even lift?

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our fantastic events. Our team obstacle race, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, provides plenty of opportunities to bond with your buddies, lady-free.

While our obstacle only event Cock Fight, will have you competing with others… well… face to face…

Man up, sign up! Androcentrically yours, XY Obstacle Racing


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