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My Coaching Bio, And Reading About Myself In Third Person

My coaching profile is up, thanks to the talented Susan Olding.

Reading about yourself in the third person is about as weird as hearing your own voice recorded. Maybe, weirder.

Here’s a teaser:

“My life mission?”

“I try to be like a fairy godmother”, she laughs. “I won’t clean the floor FOR you, but I will show up and sprinkle a bit of magic when you need it most.”

“I want to help people to be more awesome. Whatever that means for them. In coaching, that happens one-to-one. In teaching, it’s one-to-many. And in writing, it’s one-to-the-world.”

She pauses to crack a mischievous smile. “Maybe even one-to-infinity,” she adds. Her life’s work, in other words, is all about helping others find their own strengths, their own light, their own way."

I read the profile, and wonder about this coach, who immigrated from Russia, overcame an eating disorder, and now jumps over fire and crawls under barbed wire for fun. She sounds pretty cool. Is she really me?

YOUR TURN: Have you ever read about yourself in third person? Did you feel it described you well? Is that how you would have described yourself?

Hugs, SOLO

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