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My First (And Last?) Beer Mile And How I Carried A Grown Man On My Back

This whole beer mile business… I was never convinced. I love running. I love beer. But together? Just because I love both, does not seem like a good enough reason to put them together. [Peanut butter is an obvious exception here. Peanut butter goes with everything.]

The fact that I am an incredibly light weight when it comes to all things containing alcohol may play a role here also. I have been known to giggle from two sips of wine on an empty stomach – I kid you not. So, one beer = good. Two beers = ok. Any more than that… Nope.

I was, thus, way out of my league when the second annual Beer Mile was announced post-Survival Run. Drink a beer, run 400m. Rinse, repeat. Four loops, four beers. And, something extra special at the very end – a shot of local rum.

Friday, 10am. Local backpacker hostel/hangout was sponsoring the event (obviously), and cases of local beer were stacked up high at the start line. While I was not planning to run, I was going to be there nevertheless – hell, maybe even with a beer in hand.

The lead pack is about to start their second loop. I may or may not have grabbed a microphone and commentated (omg, is that a word?) the event. I can now say that I have been a race commentator. WOOT!

An opportunity to participate in a beer mile on slightly different terms presents itself. Christian, one of the Survival Runners, can’t run – his feet are too blistered up and raw after the event. But he can drink.

I see potential for a symbiotic relationship here…

Solo and 205 pounds of awesome.Gabi, a fellow female racer, carries Christian for the first loop, and I do the remaining three.

My legs feel strong, despite my little 15-hour walk the day before. I continue to be amazed at our seeming inability to just… freaking… RUN. Nooooo, give me a sandbag. Give me barbed wire, volcanos, a 205-lb man to carry, four beers to drink. Something!

We are done. Done!

Crossing the finish line – smiles all around.

The celebratory shot at the finish line: Image Source:

When obstacle racers get together, this happens: Image Source:

At the end of the event, Christian gives me a huge hug. “Girl, you are awesome!”, he says. I smile. “Trust me when I say I could not have done this event without you!”.

If you have not yet seen Jeff’s photos of the Fuego y Agua Survival Run and 50k/100k, please check them out. They are breathtaking.

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Hugs, Solo


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