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My Life Mission Statement, Great Realizations In Training & Skinny Cows–The Super Strength Interview

To say that I am humbled to join an incredibly impressive line-up of interviewees on Super Strength Show – John Berardi, Mike Israetel, Krista Scott-Dixon, Kelly Starrett, and so many others – would be an understatement of epic proportions.

In this episode, we talk about everything from travel to greatest realizations in training to skinny cows and genetic advantage.

Listen to the interview HERE.

Every person that we interview on The Super Strength Show has an opportunity to answer some extra questions that aren’t asked in the podcast. It’s a chance for the listeners to learn a little bit more about the guests and to get even more value from the show. Here are the questions and my answers.

Can you share one of your habits that contribute to your success in the gym? I tend to rebel against rigid structure, so I try to combine rigidity (training is non-negotiable) with flexibility (I can do it whenever I want). I’ve never been one to exercise at the same time every day, and not feeling the need to allowed me to be much more consistent.

What are your favourite exercises? Squats make everything better. [Cue “I like big butts” by Sir Mix-a-Lot].

What are your favourite muscle groups to train? I don’t really think of training in terms of muscle groups, but rather types of activity. I love activities that involve my whole body – like indoor climbing or trail running.

What are your favourite pieces of equipment? Barbell all the way.

What is currently on your workout music playlist? Glitch Mob, Lindsey Stirling and David Guetta

How do you psych up for a workout or set? I try not to get too psyched up for a workout. That wouldn’t be the most sustainable approach to training. Instead, I try to leave that for the competitions or races. Although, I have been known to blast Rob Bailey’s Hungry for a heavy set of squats.

What was one exercise or routine that gave you great gains in muscle mass and/or strength? Did I mention squats yet? I especially appreciate the goblet squats in the last couple of years, as they are almost impossible to do incorrectly, so the set up of the exercise itself ensures good form.

What’s your favourite way to speed up recovery between workouts? Hot yoga, deep tissue massage and lots of sleep.

What’s your favourite meal? Homemade thin crust pizza with anchovies and a glass of red. I think this is what I’d order for my last meal.

What’s your favourite cheat meal and how often do you indulge? See above. And I don’t really do “cheat” meals – who the heck would I be cheating? As for frequency… the beauty of most elaborate things made from scratch is that they are a pain in the butt to make – so, not that often.

What supplements do you feel work well for you? BCAAs made a huge difference for me in terms of recovery. I also love the convenience of protein powders, but have been moving away from those in favour of foods I can chew.

What do you do to relax? I play with a barbell. And my cats. Not at the same time.

You know you are onto something, when you and the podcast host end up chatting for an hour BEFORE hitting the Record button. Thank you, Ray Toulany, for a great and stimulating conversation!

Oh, and this must be the year of podcasts. I have been honoured to be interviewed on Obstacle Dominator and the Obstacle Order recently, and there are couple more in the works! The awesome part is that all these podcasts are so different, that we end up having VERY different conversations.

Hugs, SOLO


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