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My New Job, And Continuing To REINVENT [Newsletter]

I want to tell you about my new job…

I wanted to tell you about my new job.

Well… truth to be told, the job is not THAT new, and I have been moving in this direction for a while. But, it’s all official now, and dust has settled, and spring is around the corner, and… and… you feel me?

It’s the energy of April. It is in the air. [That’s not going to prevent me from getting the hell out of here for a week of sun soon, but that’s because I have trust issues. :)]

So, yes, my new job!

At the end of December, I wrapped up my last cohort of coaching clients. I have now coached over 1,000 women on how to eat, and move better. Over the last few years some have lost weight, some have gained weight, and some realized they did not need to do either to feel better. I have been truly honored to guide them on this journey.

I am still at Precision Nutrition, yet I have transitioned into working directly with health and fitness professionals. My title is now SuperCoach. No, seriously. That means that now my clients are strength and conditioning coaches, spinning instructors, running coaches, gym owners, nutritionists, and registered dieticians. Right now, I am working with coaches in Canada, UK, Australia, Croatia and Vietnam, to name just a few.

It feels like a great fit. It’s like… META coaching. Coaching how to coach. Although now I have even more trouble explaining what the heck I do to my grandma. She thinks I am a personal trainer. That’s fine.

It’s a bit like therapy, in a sense, that it’s hard to explain the benefits, unless you’ve tried it yourself. It just sounds so… fluffy.

But then I get a message from one of my coaches that says: “You know… I am finally able to compartmentalize my feelings about my clients’ goals, and let THEM steer the ship. If they are not ready for my plan, then my plan is not right for them”.

And I think: “Well, damn. Could it be that I am making a difference?”

I am fascinated, as I compare coaching clients to coaching coaches. The conversation topics are different, as I help folks solve different problems. Not how to eat more protein, but how to get more clients. Not how to remain consistent with workouts, but how to organize time better while running a business, having a family, AND pursuing further education.

Yet, there are still many parallels. Humans are humans are humans. We ALL struggle with the same things – coaches or clients – just, perhaps, in different areas of our lives. It’s feeling inadequate, and anxious. Experiencing doubt, fear of missing out and the impostor’s syndrome (oh, the impostor’s syndrome).

I am still working with a small group of coaching clients, but this time, one on one, rather than in larger groups, building a closer coaching relationship. Sensing a theme? I do.

I consider this part of OPERATION REINVENT.

Hugs, SOLO


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