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My Thoughts On The Vermont World Championship NBC Sports Network Special

Bachelorette was a smashing success. Yes, poles were involved. And champagne.

And I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the NBC Sports Network Special on the Vermont World Championship.

Highlights of the coverage:

  • Amelia overtaking Morgan on the rope climb. I admire Amelia’s consistence - incredibly solid performance throughout the event.

  • Hunter’s epic plunge into the lake

  • 14-year old Winter lugging over half her body weight in sand up the mountain

  • Iram Leon’s smiling face - this guy rivals yours truly for the biggest smile on course

  • Morgan Arritola dropping out, while in the lead. That girl worked hard. Another testament to the fact how mental this sport is.

  • Matt Novakovich’s admirable comeback after struggling with severe muscle cramps

  • Deanna Blegg emerging second in the last third of the race Although it was a fantastic way to relive some of the obstacles from the event, I gotta say, I never realized how dramatic our sport is. Next time, I am definitely racing with a soundtrack. How to make any activity seem more glamorous than it is: Pick the most dramatic music you can find, find a guy with a radio voice, throw in a couple of tear jerking stories, and a bunch of inspirational platitudes (preferably spoken in a choked up female voice) and you are good to go. And WHO is the guy narrating the coverage? I want him to come in and talk over one of my workouts. Can you imagine? “Today is the day! There is no tomorrow! I Here in the wilds of the Great White North, six days a week a modest gym becomes a scene for a battle. It’s a baptism by iron! THIS is Solo’s workout. We are back. Solo is now twenty minutes into her workout. Mobility work is next. Her IT bands are screaming, as the foam roller digs into her flesh. The pain is palpable. She pushes herself to the limit. One of her shoelaces comes undone, but she doesn’t let it slow her momentum. Such obstacles hardly phase this native Siberian. And now…. This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. She picks up the Olympic bar. Will she add weight? She reaches for the weight plate. 10 pounds? 25 pounds? Solo grabs a 45-pounder. The crowd gasps. She forges on. Amidst the murmurs, this college professor cannot afford to get bogged down. Here, persistence and positive attitude are crucial. Will she be able to handle the pressure? When we return, we’ll check in with Solo, and see whether she is able to dominate the squat rack.” Oh, dear. YOUR TURN: What were your thoughts on the NBC coverage?

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