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Next Up - GORUCK!

The Goruck Challenge is the next race on my calendar. We will be downtown Toronto at 1am this Saturday. Wearing backpacks with 4-6 bricks inside. Ready to see Toronto in a different light. Or maybe lack of light.

The Goruck Challenge has been inspired by the special forces training. It’s a 15-20 mile, 8-10 hour urban adventure race through the heart of a large city.

We got the packing list – it is nowhere as bad-ass as the packing list for the Death Race, but we are to show up with 6 bricks in our backpacks. They will keep us company. All night… Mike is driving in from Syracuse to join me.

Unlike a lot of my other races, I just fail to experience any anxiety about this event. Maybe because the pass rate is around 94%, maybe because it’s always a team event, and never a race. In either case, I’m just looking forward to running through my city in the middle of the night with weight on my shoulders and one of my racing partners by my side.

Boss, another racing partner, described by Captain C as “a tiny powerhouse lover of obstacles, blasting down trails, and triathlons”, volunteered to tag along as a designated photographer. That’s team spirit!

Team Trifecta will be together again this weekend! AROO!

Hugs, SOLO


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