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Nicaragua In Two Words - Travel Notes

I have asked some of you who have visited the country before, to describe Nicaragua in two words.

Here’s what you came up with; – peaceful poverty – natural beauty – soulful opportunity – beautifully frustrating – blissful oblivion – mierda incredible – authentic, inspiring – live here – wild, exotic – simply majestic – Survival Run (obviously :)) – Sweet Hell (in relation to Survival Run, I’m assuming)

And here’s my take:

sleeping dogs open doors stocky men curvy women

green lakes sandy beaches magic rainforests active volcanoes

local bananas

banana trucks

fried bananas

bananas. bananas.

chicken bus sticky skin bare feet insect bites

friendly expats obnoxious surfers volunteer groups Christian missionaries

cheap hostels

jean shorts drunk backpackers rented bikes

gallo pinto

tona cerveza Fuego y Agua muchos gracias

See more pictures from Nicaragua here.

YOUR TURN: If you have been to Nicaragua, what two words would you pick? What about the country where you currently live?

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Hugs, SOLO


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