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Once In A While… There Is A Perfect Day

Once in a while, you have a great workout. The instructions the coach gives at the Olympic lifting class make sense, and your body does what you ask, and even your snatch form shows promise.

Once in a while, you feel like you could move a mountain (in the gym). And you do. Or more accurately, you load up the bar, and squat more than most boys – with a seven second pause at the bottom of the squat, thank you very much.

Once in a while, there is actually sun in Canada. And there is something resembling spring in Canada, and you can’t believe your luck, and you try to enjoy every single ray of sunshine, because who knows when we are getting more.

Once in a while, your butt looks fantastic in those running tights. And the mirror agrees.

Once in a while, you drop by your favorite store, and realize that the spring has arrived there too, and they finally made shoes in orange. And you are in such a good mood that you actually walk out with some pink apparel, to the absolute delight of the store manager, who has been trying to get you into pink for years.

Once in a while, a middle-aged man with two small children asks you what you do to look so fit, and you spend the next few minutes talking about running and weightlifting, and how resistance training saved your knees that once hurt, just like his.

Once in a while, they get your coffee right. It is hot enough, bold enough, and there is a perfect amount of cream in it.

Such days are not frequent, but they do happen. Once in a while. And when they do, it’s worthwhile to notice and name, and stop, and enjoy, and smell the freaking roses coffee.

And today is that day.

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Hugs, SOLO


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