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Operation Baby - Bump Ahead

Soooo…. moment of truth.

I have been gaining weight. I mean… I am eating well, and exercising, and still… the scale has been creeping UP. And it’s ALL in my belly. Any suggestions? A cleanse? Should I go keto?

HELP ME, Internet!

And then my doctor did an ultrasound and found THIS.

I mean, what the HELL is this?

Has anyone ever seen this before? I Googled and Googled, and found some pretty scary things. The forums say that with this condition your abdominal muscles separate, your internal organs shift – that’s some weird shit.

Meanwhile, my boobs look fantastic. Last week, I almost got run over by a cyclist checking them out in the mirror.

Oh! And, then… and then! The condition seems to correct itself eventually, but I cannot even tell you how. I mean, yes, I Googled that too, but that can’t possibly be true. So, what happens is…

Nope. Can’t do it. You will have to Google it on your own.

Sideways hugs, SOLO


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