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Operation Bucket List – Why I Will Not Die Any Time Soon

Welcome to the Operation Bucket List! SOLO style.

As a self-professed list junkie, this is not the first time I talk about my bucket list on the blog. In fact, I wrote about bucket lists in general, and why you should have one, I quoted a number of items from the list in the article In Pursuit of DNF, and outlined 30 things a woman should do before turning 30.

Of course, the idea is not new. In fact, there is a number of 101 things to do in 10001 days, and 100 things to do before you die, floating out there. One of the coolest bucket list projects and one of my earlier inspirations can be found on Nerd Fitness, where Steve is on the Epic Quest to level up his life every year.

But number of days, number of goals… I never did too well with limits and externally imposed structures. My bucket list is a living breathing thing.

I will constantly add to it, and remove from it.

For example, “to read Lord of the Rings” was on my bucket list up until last year. Until I read

“The Hobbit”, and realized that I’m simply not motivated enough to do this to myself. [My apologies to Tolkien fans]. And off the list it went.

However, while I have been working on this project for a number of years, this is the first time I am unveiling the actual items on the list. Why?

Apart from my clearly exhibitionist(ic?) tendencies, I want to create some public accountability, so I continue doing awesome shit. The list will also give you (hi, Mom) an idea of why I do certain things. [Because it’s on the list, silly! :))]

Another reason is because I’m scared shitless to share this list. And you all know how I feel about being scared shitless.

Self-doubt does a little dance in my head. What if I fail and not accomplish these things that I publicly said I will accomplish? What if I’ll never write a book or run across Sahara?

Well, guess what? That’s ok. What’s the worst thing that can happen? So I will never give a TED talk. Neither will most people. And if I do accomplish any of these things, it will be freaking epic.

And you’ll be sure to read about it here on the blog. Deal?

And if along the way, some of you will get an idea from my list to do something cool – sweet! Creative plagiarism is strongly encouraged! But do write me about it, will ya?

So, here they are – the things I hope to accomplish before I kick the bucket – conservative estimate, but hopefully, way before then.

YOUR TURN: What am I missing? What crazy awesome adventures should I add to my list?

Not about to kick the bucket any time soon, Solo


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