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Operation Calgary

One of my best peeps is moving to Calgary next week, and I’l be driving there with her.

Yep, driving to Calgary. What can be better in early December than covering over 3,400 kilometers? Although, in all honesty, I’ll take 33 hours of driving over Christmas shopping any day.

Goals of the trip: 1) keep our lives, 2) keep our friendship. I am the designated in-flight entertainment manager. Audiobooks are being chosen, and the list of conversation topics is being brainstormed. I take my job very seriously.

Currently, our place is the packing headquarters. I’m starting to think that two women should not be living in close physical quarters for the danger of being suffocated by shoes. (Mostly running shoes in my case, as you probably guessed).

I am especially excited to see Banff. I’ve seen the pictures, and I am not entirely sure that it actually exists. In fact, I’m pretty sure the whole damn thing is fabricated. I mean, look: Skiing is in the plan. I ski as a brick. Well, I swim as a brick, but if bricks could ski, I’m pretty sure they would ski about as well as they swim. In any case, if I fail to receive any pleasure myself, I will at least provide loads of entertainment to casual onlookers.

Cue “Hit the Road, Jack!”…

YOUR TURN: Are any of you guys out in Calgary? What should I see? Where should I eat? Most importantly, what should I pack for a cold weather road trip?

On another happy note, congratulations to Tanya L. for winning a free Spartan Race entry in a recent draw, and thank you so much to everyone who entered!

The great minds (thank you, Jeff Cain) have shared their infinite wisdom and knowledge, and my next giveaway will be all kinds of technologically advanced. Ha!

Excited, Solo


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