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Operation SuperCoach - How To Push Against Fakeness

A friend told me she was leaving FB and IG, because he was “tired of everything fake”. While leaving IS an option, FB (and IG) is just a platform. It’s like a grocery store. YOU are the one who puts items in your shopping cart.

The alternative solution is to make conscious choices about what goes in, and what comes out.


Be conscious about what you look at and consume. Curate your feed.

If you feel kinda shitty after scrolling through the pretty images, consider why. What is it that you are looking at? Do you follow people with bodies very different from yours? Do you follow brands you cannot afford? Travel feeds boasting destinations out of reach?


Be conscious about what you share.

It is completely natural to share the highlights, rather than lowlights, but do share some truths behind the “perfect moments”. (I also try NOT to use filters, and refuse to install/use photo enhancing apps – because once installed, who could resist making one’s eyes bigger, and one’s skin clearer?)

I’d argue that this can be a better option as it requires intentional decision making, and accommodates those who must stay connected to social media for professional or personal reasons.

Hugs, SOLO


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