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Operation SuperCoach - Is Your Car A Hobby Or A Way To Get Around?

Some folks love cars. They are obsessed with cars. They spend every spare moment working on their cars, reading about modifications to cars, looking into best fuel for the cars.

Others use their cars as ways of getting from point A to point B. They appreciate the utility of cars, and put in the required minimum to keep their cars running well, so they can continue getting from point A to point B without issues.

And yet others hate cars, hate dealing with cars, and will do almost anything necessary to avoid using cars in their life.

Now, re-read the above and replace “cars” with “bodies”. It still works. Some treat their bodies as a hobby, others as a way to get around, and yet others as something to ignore and avoid. [And, no, one is not necessarily better than the other.]

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Hugs, SOLO

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